Subject: On behalf of ISIS'97, thank you very much
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 09:14:24 -0800
   From: "'Dr. Laurence E. LaForge'" <>
       To: "'Hartenstein, Reiner'" <>
      CC:"'Swarztlander, Earl'" <>,
             "'Chapman, Glenn'" <>, "'Bolouri, Hamid'" <>,
             "'Horiguchi, Susumu'" <>, "'Brewer, Joe E.'" <>,
             "'Lea,Mike'" <>, "'Vasudev, P. K.'">,
             "'Sciuto, Donatella'" <>, "'Tewksbury, Stuart'" <>

Dear Reiner:

On behalf of the conference committee, I would like to express
our appreciation to you for taking the time to prepare and deliver
an invited presentation at the 1977 IEEE International Conference on
Innovative Systems in Silicon (ISIS'97). Your talk on reconfigurable
system was very well received, and served to stimulate the attendees
into a different way of thinking.


With best professional regards,

Larry LaForge
ISIS 97 Program Chair