The XMDS realizes a mulimedial development environment for Xputers at the Computer Structures Group (CSG) Kaiserslautern. The XMDS allows a worldwide application development for Xputers via Internet. This includes the access to  the developer's software as well as the running of the Xputer Prototype MoM-PDA (Map-oriented Machine with Parallel Data Access).

The developer's software and the Xputer hardware are both located at the Xputer Laboratory at Kaiserslautern University which are in a  permanent improvement process. The access for users is provided with the World Wide Web (WWW).

In order to allow an organization of the users, they must make a registration. The registration and the whole access to the local services and hardware is provided by the front-end of the XMDS.

Image 1 gives an overview of the XMDS. The user interface (XMDS Client) is programmed in Java and runs on a Java-capable Web browser (Netscape Navigator, Microsoft IE,...). The XMDS Server containing the user database runs on a PC with Windows NT and is also programmed in Java. Further design software is programmed in C and executes on a UNIX Host. The UNIX Host controls the Xputer Prototype MoM-PDA, which is integrated in the Xputer Host.

Image 1: Overview of the XMDS.

Contact: Michael Herz
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