PATMOS 2000     International Workshop - Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation 
Göttingen, Germany - September 13-15, 2000    -- 
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The PATMOS 2000 workshop will be held in Göttingen, Germany.

The conference hotel 'Freizeit In' was choosen as the venue. For further information, see the hotel information.


Göttingen is a mid size city of about 100.000 residents in the mid north of Germany, near to Hannover, the capital of lower-saxony. In Göttingen is an old and well reputated university established, where the famous mathematican Gauß taught as a professor. 

See for more about the city of Göttingen.

Hannover / EXPO2000

Near to Göttingen lies Hannover, the city that hosts the world exposition EXPO2000. There is an excellent and fast train connection ICE (InterCity Express) between both cities. The ICE will take about 30 minutes between Göttingen and the exposition area of EXPO2000 and further 5 minutes to the central railway station of Hannover. 

See our EXPO 2000 page for more information.

A. Freimann, 14.8.2000