The PATMOS Workshop

The workshop is the fifth one of a series of international workshops held in Kaiserslautern, Germany, 1991, Paris, France, 1992, Montpellier, France, 1993, and Barcelona, Spain, 1994. It originated from technical meetings of the European PATMOS project Power And Timing Modeling Optimization and Simulation. PATMOS has over the years evolved into a well established and outstanding series of open European events on power and timing at the logical and physical level of design. Within this scope design issues and CAD related topics are covered. The availability of deep sub-micron technology has recently increased interest especially in low-power design and hence gives an additional momentum to the interest in this workshop. This development has also extended the scope of PATMOS to higher levels of abstraction in particular for power optimization. Despite its growth, the workshop can still be considered as an informal but very focused conference featuring high level scientific presentations together with open discussions and panel sessions in a free and easy environment. This special atmosphere has proven to be an excellent origin of new ideas and interesting co-operations and projects.
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