International Workshop
Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation
October 6-8, Kos Island, Greece


Kos is the third largest island in the Dodecanese after Rhodes and Karpathos, lying close to Asia Minor Coast, between Nisyros and Kalymnos. Its population is in axcess of 20.000. The glory and fame which Kos enjoyed in antiquity as the homeland of Hippocrates are still in its possession today. The historic ruins and archaeological finds bring alive memories of a civilsation which stretches back, unbroken, for six thousand years. Traces of ancient prehistoric settlements, the ruins of buildings dating from the Classical Period, the Hellenistic era and Roman Times, impressive Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches, and imposing medieval castles, mosques and minarets all interchange with modern and more sophisticated buildings. The island is a combination of the traditional and the up-to-date, and it has developed the full range of features common to all advances cosmopolitan resort areas.In Kos, present blends harmoniouslywith the traces left by innumerable centuries. The Koans have learned to make most of their islandís potential for tourism, and they have kept alive a tradition of hospitality many centuries old. On the other hand, they also continue to cultivate the fertile soil and turn out choice agricultural produce. A visitor should not ommit visiting the museum, the agora, the outstanding antiquities, the plane tree of Hippocrates , the castle and the antiquities of Asklepeio, while at first meandering in the main town and walking by the harbour.A visitor should also visit the villages of Kos and the excellent beaches.

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International Code+30
Area code (0)242
Olympic Airways 28231-2
Airport 51229
Harbourmaster 26594-5
Police 22222
Municipality 28724,28420
Taxi 23333
First Aid 22300,22539