International Workshop
Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation
October 6-8, Kos Island, Greece

Travelling Information

By air (recommended)

Kos is connected throughout the year with Athens by flights of Olympic Airways. The flight takes 35 minutes. All Olympic Airways and Olympic Aviation flights (international and domestic) are operated from the WEST Terminal of Hellinikon Airport, Athens, while all other airlines use the EAST Terminal. So, passengers who will fly to Athens with airlines besides Olympic Airways, will have to move on their arrival from the EAST Terminal to the WEST to continue their flight to the island of Kos with an other scheduled flight.

Flights' Schedule of Olympic Airways (OA):

Departures' time
Athens to KosKos to Athens

By sea

There is a heavy schedule of boats to Kos from the harbor of Piraeus during the summer months but fewer in winter. The distance of 200 nautical miles is covered in 12 hours.

Transportation from/to Kos airport to/from Kipriotis Village:

Kipriotis Village (3 Km from City of Kos) is located at the Psalidi area, 25 Km away from the airport.

  1. By taxi:
    There are numerous taxis and radio-taxis which would take someone to Kipriotis Village for approximately 5,000 Drachmas through a fine road network.
  2. By bus and taxi:
    Bus of Olympic Airways from/to Kos Airport to/from Kos City.
    • Departure from Kos Airport to Kos City: Just after airplane's arrival.
    • Departure from Kos City (Olumpic Airways Office) to Kos Airport: 5:00, 15:10, 21:00
      Olympic Airways Kos Office tel. +30 242 28331-2
      The bus fair is 1,000 drachmas.

    Taxi from/to Olympic Airways Office to/from Kirpiotis Village and Hippocrates Palace.
    It costs approximately 1,500 drachmas.
    tel. for taxi: 22777, 23333, 23334

Useful Telephones:
East terminal
Hellinikon Airport, Athens
+30 1 96.94.111
West terminal+30 1 93.69.111
Airport travel office+30 1 96.05.530-60
Tourist information+30 1 96.94.500
Olympic Airways reservations+30 1 96.66.666
Airport of Kos+30 242 51.229
+30 242 51.191