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The following list describes a potpourri of other interesting pages regarding the tutorial.
The Tutorial Seems Really Big. What's All in There?
Here are some interesting tutorial stats:

Who Are the Tutorial Babies?
Cosmo and Sophia.

What Version of the JDK Does the Tutorial Reflect?
Most of the information in this version of the tutorial reflects the API distributed in the 1.0.2 Java Developers Kit (JDK). A few lessons, such as the new native methods lesson, reflect the 1.1 Java Developers Kit and are marked with this jdk1.1 icon. For information about the JDK, see the JDK home page.

How Do I Download the Tutorial?
See About This Draft for instructions on how to download the tutorial.

What About the Book and the CD-ROM?
We have several pages about the book including information about the CD-ROM, a list of errata,

What's All This Trail Nonsense?
For information about the structure and organization of this tutorial please refer to How to Use the Tutorial.

What Do Other Readers Think of the Tutorial?
Here are a few review comments from some of our readers.

How Did You Get Here?
Read a complete change history of the tutorial.

Who Are Kathy and Mary?
On March 4, 1997, the The Java Developer Connection interviewed Kathy and Mary about their work on the tutorial. Read the transcript of that interview. Note: You may be required to register and/or log in to view the transcript. But hey. It's free!

Also, you can read Mary's interview at Amazon.com. Kathy is still working on hers.

How Do I Reach The Authors?
Before contacting us, read This Is a Work in Progress!

I Have More Questions!
Try reading our new FAQ.