A Decade of Reconfigurable Computing
-- A Visionary Retrospective
(embedded tutorial)
DATE 2001, session 9A, room 02, Friday, March 16, 11.00 a.m.

(paper 111)   14.02.01

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Table of Contents

A Decade of Reconfigurable Computing
A Decade of Research in RC
RAs are heading for Mainstream 
The History of Paradigm Shifts
The Impact of Makimoto’s Paradigm Shifts
Coarse Grain Architectures
Why Coarse Grain instead of FPGA ?
It’s a Paradigm Shift !
Crossbar-based Architectures
MATRIX Interconnect Fabrics
CHESS Array with embedded RAM (hp)
More Research Projects (1996 - 2000)
Commercial RAs 
Universal RAs are not feasible
KressArray Family generic Fabrics: a few examples
SNN filter KressArray Mapping Example
Programming Coarse Grain RAs
Super Pipe Networks
FPGA-Style Mapping for coarse grain reconfigurable arrays
KressArray DPSS
Xplorer Plot: SNN Filter Example
Novel Compilation Techniques
Changing Models of Computation
History of Loop Transformations
Loop Transformation Examples
Jürgen Becker’s Co-DE-X Co-Compiler
Future Coarse Grain RA Development 
Fundamental Issues
Dimensions of Reconfigurability
Configuration Architectures
Computer: the wrong Machine Paradigm
Machine Paradigms
Similar Programming Language Paradigms
JPEG zigzag scan pattern
How’s next Wave ?
Next EDA Industry Revolution
Panel on the 2nd Design Crisis: proposing a solution
However, current CS Education ….
Hardware and Software are Alternatives
Hardware and Software are Alternatives (2)
Hardware and Software are Alternatives (3)
toward a Dichotomy of Computing Science
A Decade of Research in Reconfigurable Computing
A Decade of Reconfigurable Computing 
-- a Visionary Retrospective

Reiner Hartenstein (speaker), 
Thomas Hoffmann, 
Ulrich Nageldinger*

*) now with Infineon Technologies

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DATE 2001, Munich, Germany, 
March 13 - 16, 2001

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