Formatting notes for RAW`97 final papers

This document contains formatting instructions for final paper submissions to appear in the proceedings.

Proceedings of the RAW`97 workshop

We will print the proceedings as a book in the format 15.5 cm x 23.5 cm. Though we have not much time, we hope, that the proceedings volume will be ready at the conference. We plan also to publish the proceedings electronically on CD-ROM. This will probably be available after the conference.

Submission format

Please submit your final paper as a printable postscript file, which should be mailed to:

As we have not much time to solve eventual problems, please send also all source files (Word, FrameMaker, TeX) to this address, together with a remark, which word processor was used. TeX and LaTeX users should also submit the DVI file.

If possible, all files you send should be packed with gzip and uuencoded.

Page format

The area containing text and diagrams on each page should have the size 15.5 cm x 25.0 cm. (We will scale down the paper to 80%). The distances of the printing area from the top and from the left should be 2.0 cm each. Please make sure, that the postscript file can be printed on european A4 paper and that it can be viewed with Ghostview. The page limit is 4 pages for short papers and 8 pages for full papers (please see your notification of acceptance).

Text format

The text should be formatted in one column (unlike IPPS formatting instructions). The main font used should be Times Roman. Main text should be 12 pt, headlines 14 pt and the title 18 pt size. Please format your paper without page numbers. Those will be added by us.

Additional remarks

The CD-ROM we plan will also contain a PS-viewer. Therefore, please use only standard Postscript fonts.

If you are using TeX or LaTeX: These programs use unscalable bitmap-fonts, which look not that good when viewed on the screen. If possible, please avoid the standard TeX fonts and use widely available postscript fonts like Times Roman. Make sure you use the latest version of dvips.

You may want to check out for more hints about CD-ROM publishing. (To avoid misunderstandings: Our CD-ROM will not be made at Parity Computing)

For the printed version, please note, that we will scale down the submission. Therefore, please avoid tiny font sizes and tiny details in your diagrams.

Due to the necessary copy process, grey areas in diagrams may come out in a poor quality. Try to use a coarse rastering for such areas. Also, grey areas, which are too bright, may come out as white areas. Therefore, please avoid saturations below 10%.


Please submit your final paper until

February 28th, 1997

or earlier. Please note, that there is not much time to print the proceedings.

Contact address

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, preferably via email:

Here is our complete address:

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