Submission instructions for final papers:
  1. Prepare your final paper with up to 6 pages according to the Springer LNCS formatting  notes.
  2. Please upload the paper to to get it onto the CD-ROM. To do so, follow the instructions at, with the following
  3. Send a copy of the README file to, so we can put together a list for the people at parity computing.
  4. Send your final paper via email to to get it into the proceedings volume. You may use the same ps file as for ftp upload to, unless  you have colour pictures, which are highly disencouraged for LNCS. Note, that you do not  need to send hard copies of your paper, though part of the LNCS instructions deal with  hard copies. In contrast to the parity upload, we would appreciate, if you could gzip and uuencode the ps file you send.
  5. As soon as we have received your PS file and managed to print it out, we will acknowledge the receipt via email. If you do not receive such an acknowledgement within two days, please contact us. 
    Note: We are on vacation until 4th of January, 1998.

For Further Information,
please contact any of the workshop co-chairs: