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Reconfigurable Computing

Computer Structures Group (CSG)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner W. Hartenstein

Gaining more popularity: "Reconfigurable Computing" - now reported in main stream press.
Reconfigurable Computing wird populär:
 SWR 2 German radio station  (Sept 2000) 
 Talk at Dagstuhl (June 2000):
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 Elektronik (1/2000)
 c't (21/99)
 c't (4/98)
 Elektronik (2/98)
 Scientific American (6/97)
 PC Magazin DOS (5/97)
Scientific American

PC Magazin DOS

PC Magazin DOS
PC Magazin DOS
Scientific American

last update: June 2000

Why reconfigurable computing?
Warum rekonfigurierbar rechnen?
Relations to our work:
The reconfigurable computing discussion group (RCFC)
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  • FCCM (Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines)
  • FPL (International Workshop on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications)
  • RAW (Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop)
  • organized at Kaiserslautern University
  • Literature: Markus Wannemacher: Das FPGA-Kochbuch

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