KressArray: what is the achievement ?

Generalization of the Systolic Array

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Rainer Kress describes a reconfigurable data path array [1, 2] (KressArray [7]), which is a generalization of the systolic array. To map an application on a datapath array the traditional systolic array scene used algebraic synthesis methods based on linear projections, so that systolic arrays could be used only for applications with strictly regular data dependencies which yields only uniform arrays with linear pipes.

Kress removed these restrictions by discarding these algebraic synthesis methods and replacing it by simulated annealing implemented by his DPSS (data path synthesis system) mapper, so that reconfigurability makes sense. This means a generalization of the systolic array. So the KressArray supports also non-uniform arrays with a mix of different types of datapath units and any irregular and wild forms of pipes such as e. g. zigzag, spiral, feed-back loops, fork-and-join, and any other regular, irregular, and extremely irregular forms. Kress has been the first to publish a clear and simple partitioning scheme of the reconfiguration design flow into synthesis (configware implementation [8]) followed by data sequencing (flowware implementation [9])

The thesis of Rainer Kress includes only the description of a simple example of an array architecture. Another dissertation by Ulrich Nageldinger [3, 4, 5, 6] covers the experimental exploration of the entire KressArray architecture design space by a design tool called KressArray Xplorer.

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