Special Session on Cooperation

14 September 1995, Smolenice, SK

Welcome by the Chairman

Manfred Horvat, BIT, A

This special session will give a concise introduction into the RTD Programmes of the European Union: their guiding principles, objectives and contents, as well as their operational characetristics and practical organisation. A special focus will be put on methodological and technical issues essential for European collaborative research: preparation of proposals, setting up a project consortium, managerial approaches, methods and tools for transnational research projects. In addition, presentations of case studies by experienced project co-ordinators from different programmes will provide an insight into the everyday problems of real life of this challenging development of research in Europe.

Started in 1983 the Community Framework Programmes for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration (RTD) have changed the innovation infrastructure of the European Union. Transnational RTD collaboration has become a typical feature of industrial and university development. Strategic alliances and networks started to perform R&D have created indirect benefits and stimulated other areas of collaboration too.

The operational phase of the Fourth Community Framework Programme started in December 1995. This Programme is different from ist predecessors in several ways. It intends to encompass all RTD activities at community level. Thus, the budget is higher than ever before. It combines the RTD programmes with other action lines such as

From January 1, 1995 institutions from a larger number of member states and associated states are eligible to participate. In addition, the rules for participation define the conditions for institutions from the central and eastern European countries (CEEC) and the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union (NIS). Thus, the collaboration with researchers from the CEEC and the NIS will play an special role in the Fourth Framework Programme, both for strengthening the competitiveness of the industry of the member states and for safeguarding the RTD potential of the CEEC and the NIS and for solution of special environmental and health problems supporting industrial development in these countries.

This workshop intends to provide information on the procedural aspects of the Framework Programme. In addition, it will be contact forum for finding new partners for collaborative RTD activities.