5. Abkürzungen

ARPA  Advanced Research Projects Agency 
CERN  European Center for Particle Research 
DARPA  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 
DCA  Defense Communication Agency 
DDN  Defense Data Network 
DISA  Defense Information System Agency 
DNS  Domain Name Server 
DoD  Department of Defense 
FTP  File Transfer Protocol 
HTML  Hypertext Markup Language 
http  hypertext transfer protocol 
IAB  Internet ativities Board 
ICCB  Internet Configuration Control Board 
ICCC  International Conference on Computer Communication 
IMP  Interface Message Processor 
INWG  International Network Working Group 
IP  Internet Protocol 
ISOC  Internet Society 
MIT  Massachuasetts Institute of Technology 
NCP  Network Control Protocol 
NCSA  National Center for Supercomputing Applications 
NPL  National Physical Laboratory 
NSF  National Science Foundation 
RCP  Reseau Communication par Paquet 
TCP  Transmission Control Protocol 
TIP  Terminal Interface Processor 
UCLA  University of California, Los Angeles 
UN  United Nations 
UUCP  Unix to Unix Copy 
WAIS  Wide Area Information Service 
WWW  World Wide Web