Think JAVA...

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My Diploma Thesis:

"Design of an Internet based Development System for Xputers in Java" within the Xputer Multimedia Development System (XMDS).

Available links:

"The Java Tutorial*" from Mary Campione and Kathy Walrath.

Java-related stuff is located on the second AG Hartenstein Webserver:, a Pentium-PC running WindowsNT 4.0 and the JavaWebServer.

An interesting way for implementing an Internet-based distributed application is by using Sun's Servlet technology. Servlets are the counterpart of Applets and therefore also realized in Java. They are presented by Sun Microsystem on this* Webserver together with topics on Sun's Webserver, the JavaWebServer. But servlets are not restricted for the use on the JavaWebServer. The Java Servlet Development Kit (JSDK) enables you to run servlets also on the Netscape Server, Apache Server and the WindowsNT Server. The JSDK is available here*.

* means remote link.