Manual - Part 1

To create a complete task there are three points to be done:

First you have to define a scan window. It is not important at which time you gonna make this. You can make it first or at any time later.

Second enter some video scans (max. number is 16). These scans have to be checked after entering them. Otherwise you can´t do the last step.

At the end you have to create the task with your video scans.

To control your entries it is possible to let the TaskDesigner creat a protocol with all parameters.

The graphical menu of the TaskDesigner is shown below:

Definition of the size of the scan window and the operations inside of it.

Creation of one to 16 video scans.

Combination of the video scans to a complete task.

Shows all parameters of the actual task in the browser window. This may help you to control your input.

The graphical menu (as well as the 'File' menu) includes some default menu points you can use always during your work.

Creates a new task or renames the actual task.

Opens an existing task.

Opens an existing task from the task library.

Saves the actual task on the servers disk.

Saves the actual task on the servers disk under a new position in your filelist.

The 'Back' button has different functions. Use it to go back to the previous menu, to cancel an operation or to leave the Task Designer.

To exit the Task Designer press the 'Back'-button from the graphical menu.