Manual - Part 2

Definition of the Scan-Window Size

To define the size of the Scan-Window you can use the two scrollbars named 'Size X' and 'Size Y' or you can write the size directly in one of the two textfields above the scrollbars. You have to end the entry by pressing 'Return'. The window above the scrollbars and the big window on the right display the size graphical. To see changes in the small window you have to enter values bigger than eight. The maximum size is 64x64.

Definition of the Scan-Window Operations

X: No Operation
R: Read
W: Write
RW: Read/Write

Choose one of the four possible operations from the graphical or the 'Scan-Window'-pulldownmenu.
After you selected an operation click on a square of the Scan-Window in the big window to set the operation for this field. The statusline on the bottom shows the actual mouseposition inside the Scan-Window.

Enter all needed operations this way. The maximum number of operations you can set is 80.

Use the rubber or the 'Clear'-command from 'Scan-Window'-pulldownmenu to clear the whole Scan-Window.

Exit Scan-Window-Input

To exit the Scan-Window-Input and return to Task-Designer-Main press the 'Back'-button from the graphical menu.