state of affairs:

ready to use

  • Scan-Window-Input
  • Video-Scan
    • Input
    • Transformation
    • Use of Options
    • Checking
    • Loading Video-Scans
    • Saving Video-Scans (if they have no errors)
    • Autocorrection (use it on your own risk)
  • Pattern-Input (to complete the task)
    • Scan-Pattern Menu
    • Preview of the Scans
    • Selection and Composing of Scans to nested, meshed, compound ones (Graphical User Interface)
    • Entering of Video-Scans Startposition, previous Scan, relative Scan etc.
    • extracting parameters from input and
    • saving / loading parameters
  • Protocol of Parameters

still in work

  • Task Designer Manual

coming soon

  • all the rest seems to be done!